TheSnapHack V3.1


How to legally hack someones Snapchat account!

Our awesome new Snapchat account hacker tool is here and 100% free, secure & easy to use! Just like the other popular software SNAPSPY all you have to do with The Snap Hack is to enter the account name you wish to see images/videos from and our tool will gain access into the Snapchat servers. This works by entering a secret backdoor by exploiting several vulnerabilities in their servers similar to the previous scandal where 4.6m user’s details were leaked.

Once you’ve entered the username of the account you wish to view, you will be able to chose from one of the following:
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said 3 minutes ago:
This Tool Is Soo Cool. I Finally Saw What My Bestfriends We're Sayiing About Me
said 5 minutes ago:
Sneaking in my boyfriends snapchat is so cool
said 5 minutes ago:
Some amazing stuff is in those private snapchats. Thanks!